Submitting Issues and Ideas Even Easier

We've previously posted about how Connect Care users can report problems and submit suggestions. A recent enhancement makes the Connect Care Concierge even easier to find and use within Connect Care workflows.

Submitting a suggestion (suggest.connect-care.ca) is done using the same form that is used for non-urgent support requests (help.connect-care.ca). Although the form reads like a problem-reporting tool, it is intended for both issues and ideas.

The blogs' "Help" button (above) and the Clinician Manual's "Concierge" button (bottom of all pages) are available when the blog or Manual are opened from within Connect Care. In addition, the Connect Care "Help" menu (sub-menu of Epic menu at top left of Hyperspace) has a "Connect Care Support" item:

and pressing the "F1" key anywhere within Connect Care brings up a pop-up with "Connect Care Support" at the top of its "Prescriber Resources" section (top of middle column):

Finally, entering "connect care" in chart search makes it easy to jump to the support page:

Generating a help or suggestion "ticket" ensures attention to the issue or idea. It also provides a reference number that can be used when seeking advocacy through medical informatics or other leaders.