COVID-19 and Connect Care - Workflow Supports

As a wider range of clinicians find themselves caring for patients hospitalized because of or with COVID-19, some may have less experience with Connect Care tools developed to facilitate the care of persons with COVID-19 related illness.

The Connect Care Manual (manual.connect-care.ca) has a wealth of information about COVID-19 decision, documentation and inquiry supports. These can be browsed by exploring outline sections nested below a "COVID-19" title in the main "Home" section. Using the search tool (magnifying glass icon, top right) with "COVID-19" plus concept terms will rapidly expose specific details.

We've recently added a "COVID-19 Workflows" section that helps clinicians learn about Connect Care COVID-19 tools in light of the daily tasks that they ease. An "Inpatient Workflows" subsection is ready for review, while we continue work on subsections for emergency, critical care and outpatient contexts.