Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)

BBHR: Building a Better Health Record

Well into our Connect Care journey, it is time to take stock. 

We've successfully launched hundreds of sites with thousands of users using a powerful clinical information system (CIS) supporting patient care in diverse settings. We've seen widespread adoption of innovations like mobile-access and in-system dictation. 

However, there are indications that we may need to do more to protect ourselves from potential digital health records harms (mostly identified pre-launch). Indeed, misuse of the Connect Care CIS could make it more difficult for us to quickly discover what is important in a patient's experience. 

Connect Care continues a documentation quality improvement initiative (DQI). This has started with background work to optimize charting tools, express provincial documentation standards, clarify documentation norms and find workflows that decrease clinicians' informational burdens. Early products of this work were evaluated with volunteers in late 2021. 

We are ready to promote wider DQI awareness, starting with a series of blogs, tips, FAQs and Manual updates. Providing communications is a necessary, but far from sufficient, condition for building a better health record. Work also begins to raise awareness, provide professional development and offer documentation quality indicators to help front-line users benefit from more efficient and effective charting tools.