Connect Care Launch 4 - Date Change

Given significantly increasing demands in Alberta Health Services facilities due to COVID-19, and the rapidly spreading Omicron variant, the date for Connect Care Launch 4 is adjusted. This will ensure that frontline and support teams have the time they need to prepare. 

Launch 4 will now take place May 28, 2022. Prescriber training will proceed as previously scheduled. 
Healthcare teams and patients come first in every decision AHS makes. As with previous periods of pandemic pressure, many of those who require training or who are involved in site preparations for Connect Care are redeployed to acute care areas, or to backfill positions for those who have been asked to support COVID-19 care. 

Once again, we want to emphasize that Connect Care is not being cancelled. It continues as one of AHS’ highest organizational priorities. Making these changes means we can allocate resources effectively while being respectful of the demands on our staff as they continue to protect the people of this province.

We acknowledge the disruptions this decision may cause, particularly for prescribers who may have made alternate clinical arrangements to support Launch 4.