Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!

The Wave 2 launch has gone well, credit to the clinicians, leaders, trainers, Super Users, and many others who have worked hard to prepare.

Launch success is less about absence of problems and more about rapid problem resolution. In this, Wave 2 has done extraordinarily well. Most issues are sorted quickly and many fixes ease the way for new services joining the Connect Care community.

What's left are a few tricky problems. These are context-dependent. When an expected print job fails, for example, the fault can be device-specific or, sometimes, the intersect of device, department, function and location.

Cleaning up tricky problems is a group effort. Our technical specialists need users to:

  • Not ignore problems, even those that seem minor. Report by one means or another (if too busy to submit a helpdesk ticket, jot down the particulars in a secure message or In Basket note to a Super User).
  • Reported problems get "ticketed", which means that they are tracked down and resolved as fast as possible. 
  • When reporting printer problems, always include the relevant order number.
  • Support: Finding Order Numbers
  • Manual: Better Requests and Reports
  • Helpdesk: help.connect-care.ca

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