Just-in-Time Learning!

Our new Wave 3 Connect Care prescribers are on the steeper part of their learning curve. Help is available!

A powerful way to reinforce basic training, while busy with clinical work, is to consider one or two high-impact tips per day. To that end, we are posting daily "tippies" (tippy.connect-care.ca) on the Connect Care Tips channel (tips.connect-care.ca), starting with the simplest but most impactful suggestions. We'll progress to more advanced tips with time. 

The easiest way to follow these postings is to subscribe to the blog channel. A new emailed tip will arrive daily.

Also consider subscribing to both the FAQ (questions.connect-care.ca) and the Support (support.connect-care.ca) channels. We answer common questions on the former and provide important news about fixes and enhancements on the latter.