Growing Awareness and Attention for "Mixed-Context" Prescribers

Prescribers who work where the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) is the record of care and also work in at least one setting where the CIS is not the record of care (inside or outside of AHS facilities supported by paper or electronic medical records) are said to be working in a "mixed context". Connect Care's Wave 3 launch has brought more mixed-context providers to the CIS, with impacts on how results or reports ("results") may route to their non-Connect Care contexts. 

A detailed explanation of changes to result routing (lab and DI results) is available in Result Routing for Mixed-Context Prescribers. Additional resources related to result routing are available in the Clinician Manual sections on Mixed Contexts and Results Management

Routing of reports and communications (consultations, letters, etc.) is also impacted. Regardless of where a patient is seen (Connect Care or non-Connect Care context), some messages must route to the CIS In Basket for all Connect Care users. This lowers the risk of a privacy breach and allows reports to be correctly directed to the correct provider, even when the report does not contain information identifying a precise routing destination. 

All users with Connect Care CIS access will need to regularly monitor their In Basket for tasks, communications, results or reports that pertain to their work within Connect Care contexts, as well as for the same related to patients seen where Connect Care is not the record of care. Connect Care can be personalized to support email alerts, out of contact and other functions to help prescribers know when new In Basket content is ready for review, or to delegate some In Basket tasks to others (see Manual: Mixed Contexts).

Result and/or report routing to In Basket may not be ideal for some providers. A working group is working on further solutions to improve the routing of important messages and reports to a prescriber's preferred system. Additionally, new mitigations for mixed-context prescribers and their clinics are being created.  

In Basket is a core function of Connect Care. If a prescriber uses Connect Care in any capacity, regular In Basket review and management is required.