Connect Care to Netcare - Document Sharing

The Alberta Netcare Portal provides a cradle-to-grave, read-only view of patients' key health information for authorized providers. This electronic health record (EHR) includes summative documents shared from the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). 

Summative documents are high-value clinical notes that review diverse information sources and interpret these at milestones. Included are admission history and physicals, discharge summaries, consultation reports (inpatient and outpatient), operative reports, transfer summaries and emergency department reports. 

All Connect Care inpatient summative documents are copied to Netcare. Connect Care outpatient consultation letters are also copied to Netcare if the authoring prescriber selects a Netcare-compatible template. Progress notes (which depend upon the rest of the chart for context) are not shared with Netcare.

When generating an outpatient communication -- such as a letter to the referring physician or a report about an outpatient procedure -- the selected letter "template" determines whether the report will go to Netcare or not. Be sure to pick a template that includes "Netcare" in its name.