Summative Connect Care Documents to Netcare - Types Released

We previously posted about efforts to ensure that clinically useful summative documents transfer from Connect Care to the the Alberta Netcare Portal. All emergency, inpatient and outpatient adjustments will be fully operational mid-June when a needed Netcare software update is activated. This update is important for outpatient consultation letters, which will start transferring thereafter.

To avoid confusion, the following summative documents will copy from Connect Care to Netcare (ultimately, retrospective to the launch of Connect Care as teams work to resubmit older documents):
  • Emergency
    • Emergency Department Provider Note (summary of ED encounter)
  • Inpatient
    • Admitting History and Physical
    • Labour and Delivery Report
    • Operative Report
    • Consultation Report
    • Discharge Summary (including those using Deceased template)
  • Outpatient
    • Letter to Referring Physician (Communication)