Time to Promote MyAHS Connect

Clinicians continue to adapt to social distancing. In addition to expanded use of Virtual Care for patient support at-a-distance, Connect Care providers can leverage communication tools in the MyAHS Connect patient portal. We'll be posting more about this in the coming weeks.

Any patient who interacts with a facility or provider where Connect Care is in play can be invited to use MyAHS Connect. For patients who activate, some capabilities can help with clinical communication:
  • Secure Messaging - clinicians can communicate with patient portal users and can take advantage of messaging pools to quickly screen incoming messages.
  • Results Messaging - results released through the patient portal can be annotated as a form of quick and targeted communication.
  • Video Visits - teleconferencing integrated with the patient portal can be easier for patients and providers to use.
For now, check out a growing list of postings in our FAQ channel:

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