All Prescriber Bulletin - Tap Out or Log Off

All-user-bulletins highlight developments that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Tap out or log off!

Some computer workstations are enabled for Tap-n-Go logons in high-flow settings. This is a great convenience because prescribers can sign-on to a workstation and get to Connect Care quickly by tapping an enabled ID card. 

Problems arise when prescribers do not "tap-out" upon leaving the workstation. Even if Connect Care is logged out, this can leave Windows open to the prescriber's session and expose that session to misuse by others. Tapping-in elsewhere else does not tap-out the prior workstation.

Most users do not notice this challenge because workstations in other clinical settings are often configured such that users only log on to Connect Care, with the Windows session automatically taken care of. 

Universal best practice: If you log on to Windows (keyboard, tap card, biometrics, or any other method) with a personal account, be sure to log off before leaving the device.