Submit Connect Care Improvement Ideas

Connect Care users are represented through Area Councils and Speciality Workgroups. These, together with local user groups, help generate suggestions for new functions, and improvements to existing functions. Connect Care oversight, advocacy and community structures also help to set priorities and identify urgent fixes.

Another way for users to fuel continuing improvement is to directly submit enhancement ideas for consideration. These get "ticketed" and all tickets are characterized, considered and prioritized, usually through Area Councils and Specialty Workgroups.

Submitting a suggestion is done using the same Connect Care Concierge (help.connect-care.ca) that enables non-urgent support requests. Although the online form reads like a problem-reporting tool, it is intended for both problems and suggestions. Think of the "issue title" as a "suggestion title" and enter a recommendation in the "issue description" box. A Concierge ticket is generated, and is the best way to draw attention to user suggestions.