Connect Care Wave 3 Workflow Dress Rehearsals - Physician Participation

An important Wave 3 Connect Care readiness event is soon upon us. A series of "Workflow Dress Rehearsals" (WDRs) occurs between March 15 and April 1.

WDRs provide clinicians with opportunity for hands-on practice using the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) in simulated workflows. The current CIS build is exposed for testing in real clinical contexts, usually with the computers and devices that will be used at Wave 3 launch. Physicians, nurses, other clinicians, managers and the project team work together to identify any issues and find solutions pre-launch.

The WDR events (at each Wave 3 facility) promote end user confidence, give teams a chance to check that workflows work as intended, demonstrate that end users can successfully complete Connect Care and facilitate end user understanding of downstream effects of their actions.

Physician participation (and help with demonstration) is very important! To sign up for participation or observation (physician roles are listed in the schedule, linked below), please email cmio.nz@ahs.ca.

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