Patient Movement Virtual Drop-In Sessions

Patient movement is about how information flow supports healthcare flow.

A trauma patient can, for example, require task distribution among emergency, critical care, operating room, ward, interventional diagnostics and other care contexts. Each may have focus for a time, with orders and documentation appropriate to that time. 

The Patient Movement Team continues to study tricky-transitions, simplify user guides and facilitate change-management. The latest Drop-In supports build on prior Patient Movement Fundamentals Webinars and Patient Movement Bootcamps.

Virtual Drop-In sessions (10 in all) are offered between September 21 – October 2, 2020, during the noon hour, providing ample opportunity to get answers to questions about patient movement workflows in Connect Care.  Advance questions, issues and demo requests are welcome (see request link below).  

No questions? The Drop-Ins still give opportunity to learn more movement workflows and to share ideas with colleagues. The sessions adopt an informal question and answer approach.