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The Connect Care Manual (manual.connect-care.ca), blogs (blogs.connect-care.ca) and other resources (resources.connect-care.ca) are stewarded by the Alberta Health Services Chief Medical Information Office Editorial Board.

Mindful that we are soon to welcome another wave of prescribers to the Connect Care community, we are working to keep CMIO prescriber supports current, relevant and responsive. This includes upgrades to modernize the file repositories that make the Manual, Handbook, Glossary and blogs possible. A few broken links may emerge as the work wraps up.

All of our users are encouraged to report problems, suggest improvements, or help guide new content.

A "Feedback" button, keyed to the editorial board intake email, "cmio-manual@ahs.ca," is added to the bottom of all Manual pages, as well as to links in the right column of all blogs. Please feel free to help us help you!