All Prescriber Bulletin: Issues with Scanned Documents

All-user-bulletins highlight developments that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Scanned Document Viewing Issues - Temporary
Connect Care upgrades were performed during a downtime in the early hours of September 10, 2020. Enterprise Content Management, which takes care of scanned documents added to the digital health record, was among the systems updated. 

Some users have experienced problems viewing scanned objects (e.g., external electrocardiograms) or scanning and adding new objects.

Central fixes are being applied, with expectation that scan-related error messages will rapidly disappear.

In the meantime, users are advised to avoid the Media tab in Chart Review if the same information can be obtained via the Imaging, Cardiology or Encounter (use ECS-Pt button to access scanned documents associated with an encounter) tabs.

New scanning should be avoided until expanded capacity comes online, with any urgent materials sent to the Health Information Management department onsite with a request for scanning.

We will post again only if all problems are not resolved by end of working day.
Update (2020-09-10, 16:00): The causative issue has been isolated and fixed. Generation, attachment and viewing of scanned objects is restored to normal function.