Patient Movement Bootcamp - Lunch Hour Sessions for Connect Care Users

Patient Movement Bootcamp is a series of 4 lunchtime up-skilling sessions intended to review patient movement functionality and reinforce optimal workflows. The sessions are for current Connect Care users whose role involves admissions, transfers, discharges and surgical and critical care transitions. This includes physicians, nurses, unit clerks, bed planners, transporters, patient registration staff, quality management and others.

Dr. Alan Sobey, Physician Design Lead with the CMIO, contributes to the Interfacility Transfers session on Wednesday.

Session Details

Offered virtually (Skype for Business), as well as in person (with appropriate social distancing; limited seats available in Bernard Snell Hall). Participants are encouraged attend all sessions, as each new topic builds on the previous presentation.

Monday July 20 12:00-13:00 - Foundations and Workflow Review

  • Understanding and using ADT orders
  • Unit Manager – Advanced functionality and workflow review
  • Transfer patient to new unit. – workflow review
  • Accessing patient information and avoiding chart locking
  • Patient movement guide

Tuesday July 21 12:00-13:00  - All Things Transporters 

  • Requesting Transport
  • Understanding transporter events
  • Transport to and from the OR
  • Future queue and missed requests

Wednesday July 22 12:00-13:00 – Interfacility Transfers

  • Encounters review
  • Leave of Absence (LOA) – Review
  • Interfacility transfer vs. Leave Of Absence
  • Sending to Continuing Care
  • IFT for procedure and back (IFT with LOA)
  • Physician navigators and Medication Reconciliations

Thursday July 23 12:00-13:00 - Event Management and Troubleshooting 

  • Introduction to Event Management
  • Reading The encounter events report
  • Using Event Management to troubleshoot patient movement
  • Using Reporting tools to dig deeper into patient movement issues
To register, email kent.tetz@ahs.ca