Connect Care Post-Launch Survey – let your voice be heard

The second Connect Care post-launch survey for Wave 1 sites will be available July 13 to August 7. The survey takes no more than 10 minutes to complete (there are 17 questions, mostly asking you rate the degree to which you agree with a statement), and will ask you to measure how Connect Care has influenced your daily work and your ability to provide patient care. By completing the survey, you will help us to identify possible inefficiencies, work arounds, and key pain points for staff working in Connect Care. While we do ask you to identify a location where you work, this is so that leaders can address concerns that are specific to an area. Your individual responses are kept confidential.

Your responses are compiled, and the aggregate information is shared with site leadership, project sponsors, and others who support Connect Care implementation. The results of this survey will be compared with the results to the previous survey, making it possible to measure how Connect Care adoption and usage is evolving, and providing information to help guide ongoing support.

Your survey response is crucial for the Connect Care project team so we can support your best experience working in Connect Care, and so we can take what you have learned to future waves.

The survey will be live in Connect Care beginning July 13 and will be available until August 7.

You can also access the survey by clicking HERE.

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