Getting the Supervising Provider Right

Trainees (medical students and residents) select a "Supervising Prescriber" when logging on to Connect Care, as previously posted. We've updated a previous FAQ about why this is important and what Connect Care activities are impacted. A tip and demo shows how Supervising Providers can be quickly changed, if needed, when switching between patients.

We continue to encounter situations where trainees do not select the correct Supervising Provider. Most of the time this does not have much impact in the inpatient context. However, it determines who is called for critical test results and, understandably, physicians do not want to be called about patients they do not cover.

A simple test when entering orders, especially for tests, is consideration of which attending (staff) physician would need to be called for support in case of difficulty... for that patient at that time.

The supervising physician is NOT the resident training program director, a more senior trainee, or some other physician not directly accountable for the clinical care that the trainee is providing at the time an order is entered.

There are many new trainees using Connect Care starting today. Please check the links above and take care when selecting a Supervising Prescriber at logon.

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