Physician Trainee Bulletin - Selecting a Supervisor

All-user-bulletins highlight developments physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Selecting a Supervising Prescriber
Prescriber Trainees, including medical students, residents and fellows, are “supervised” by a fully licensed prescriber who must co-sign or attest to at least some Trainee activities in the Connect Care Clinical Information System (CIS).

From April 17, 2020, Trainees must identify a “default” Supervising Prescriber when logging on to the CIS. This Supervisor is automatically notified, when required, about documentation or orders requiring co-sign, while also receiving results of trainee-ordered tests when those are routed to In-Baskets.

Inpatient workflows remain largely unchanged: Trainees can still select the “co-sign” checkbox when they seek review of orders or documentation. All mandated co-signs (e.g., discharge summaries), and any laboratory results reported post-discharge, are routed to the In-Basket of the Supervising Prescriber.

Outpatient workflows are also affected, as mandated co-signs (e.g., outpatient notes, consultation Communications Letters, etc.) are routed to the Supervising Prescriber.

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