Physician Trainee Bulletin - Selecting a Supervisor

All-user-bulletins highlight developments physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Selecting a Supervising Prescriber
Prescriber Trainees, including medical students, residents and fellows, are “supervised” by a fully licensed prescriber who must co-sign or attest to at least some Trainee activities in the Connect Care Clinical Information System (CIS).

From April 17, 2020, Trainees must identify a “default” Supervising Prescriber when logging on to the CIS. This Supervisor is automatically notified, when required, about documentation or orders requiring co-sign, while also receiving results of trainee-ordered tests when those are routed to In-Baskets.

Inpatient workflows remain largely unchanged: Trainees can still select the “co-sign” checkbox when they seek review of orders or documentation. All mandated co-signs (e.g., discharge summaries), and any laboratory results reported post-discharge, are routed to the In-Basket of the appropriate Attending Prescriber.

Outpatient workflows are also affected, as mandated co-signs (e.g., outpatient notes, consultation Communications Letters, etc.) are routed to the Supervising Prescriber.
Note: selection of a Supervising Provider ceased to be part of trainee logons as of December 8, 2020. Please see the Manual for information about how this workflow is largely automated. The rest of this posting still applies.