Wave 2-3 Workflow Walkthrough February 5, 2020

With the Connect Care Wave 2-3 launch (May 30, 2020) getting closer, there are more opportunities to validate how the clinical information system (CIS) will support workflows at new launch sites.

"Workflow Walkthroughs" allow clinicians to see how Connect Care can support clinical work. A Walkthrough event includes demonstration of one or more high-risk, high-complexity, multidisciplinary or high-volume workflows. Patient journey videos are interspersed with feedback and discussion opportunities. The goal is to discover what more we need to do to get the system attuned to specific site challenges.

The Wave 2-3 Walkthrough event will be held February 5, 2020, at a variety of locations, including online, supported by Skype teleconferencing. The Workflow Walkthrough videos are available on Insite (links below).

  • 08:15 - Welcome and Introductions
  • 08:30 - End-to-end Patient Journey
  • 09:00 - Scheduling and Registration Demonstration
  • 09:50 - Rural Nursing Workflow
  • 11:00 - Long Term Care 
  • 12:35 - Ambulatory Care
  • 13:10 - Labour and Delivery
  • 14:10 - Surgical Workflows

Although all interested physicians are encouraged to contribute, the Walkthrough event spans an entire workday. Only some parts will pertain. Please take a look at the agenda and consider whether any of the blocks offer an important feedback opportunity. Session recordings will be posted on Insite afterwards.

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