Connect Care Optimization Clinic #3 - Lists, Rounds and Handoffs

Optimization clinics are delivered by peers, usually a clinician informatician or super user, with focus on challenging use cases. A short presentation is followed by questions, discussion and suggestions from participants. Any new tips are posted to the Physician Manual or Physician Updates.

A third Connect Care Optimization Clinic is offered a two times of day (duplicate clinics) to fit different clinical schedules. All are welcome. Please try the meeting link ahead of time to ensure that your computer is ready before the session.
  • Topic: Patient Lists, Rounds & Handoffs
  • Facilitator: Rob Hayward
  • Date: January 8, 2020
  • Time #1: 0700-0800
    • Meeting Link: clinic-a.connect-care.ca
    • Meeting ID: 258 320 762
    • Audio: can use computer audio or telephone 
      • Canada +1 647 558 0588 (then meeting ID)
      • One click: +16475580588,,258320762
  • Time #2: 1200-1300
    • Meeting Link: clinic-b.connect-care.ca
    • Meeting ID: 930 576 272
    • Audio: can use computer audio or telephone 
      • Canada +1 647 558 0588 (then meeting ID)
      • One click: +16475580588,,930576272
  • Description:
    • The Patient Lists toolkit provides clinicians with powerful tools to facilitate better team management, consult tracking, multidisciplinary rounds, ward rounds and end-of-shift handovers.
    • We will remind about how custom Patient Lists can be created, edited and shared; using illustrative examples to show how specialty notes, handoff report fields and other elements can be used to fit lists to different clinical needs.

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