This week in Optimization - Referral & Consultation

Connect Care physician training occurs in three phases:
  1. Basic training covers essential skills for logging on, navigating Hyperspace and using common functions safely. 
  2. Personalization training teaches how to adapt the CIS environment for a more satisfying experience. 
  3. Optimization training explores workflow improvement for productivity. 
While personalization has the biggest impact on efficiency and satisfaction, optimization training can troubleshoot complex workflows that challenge many physicians. Workgroups have helped to define difficulties, suggest clinical information system optimizations and identify opportunities for end-user skill enhancement. 

Wave 1 post-launch optimization training progresses through weekly themes; with Manual, Tip, Demo and Clinic interventions keyed to each theme. 

This week's optimization theme is about Referral and Consultation workflows. While Connect Care offers prospect for seamless closed loop referral, we remain in an interim state with some services using Connect Care as the record of care and others still reliant on fax, eReferral or other intake processes. 

This week's optimization clinics (Wednesday Jan 15 at 0800 and 1200) explore the difference between internal and external outpatient referrals. New or improved supports appear in physician resources throughout the week:

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