Connect Care Training goes Virtual

Although we always planned diverse pathways to Connect Care competency, a fabulous group of innovators have rapidly enabled virtual training for the many physicians now in need of new or expanded clinical information system (CIS) skills.

The Connect Care training teams, supported by AHS MyLearningLink and e-learning teams, have collaborated to design a number of self-directed as well as trainer-facilitated virtual learning modules.  These address an urgent need to on-board physicians, trainees and other clinicians who have no prior Connect Care experience or who are required to learn a new CIS module (e.g., ER, ICU, Inpatient).

Excellent work has been done in an extraordinarily short time! We are most grateful to the MLL and e-Learning experts for pulling out all stops to make good work happen.

The Connect Care Manual is updated to reflect all training options, with linked tip sheets explaining how to use requisite technologies. Physicians needing Connect Care readiness or up-skilling are are identified by Medical Affairs and invited to virtual training.