COVID-19 and Connect Care #10 - Clinical Content Updates

Clinical information system (CIS) clinical content includes documentation, decision and inquiry best practice supports. Clinical System Design (CSD) is about how we plan, design and build clinical content. We've always asserted that CSD is an ongoing, iterative, way for us to continually improve the CIS while ensuring that it meets our needs.

COVID-19 is our top, iterative, priority. Connect Care CSD resources have been redirected, with new clinical content designed for all AHS systems (including paper). This blog summarizes recent developments.

Appointment Reminders
  • Automated telephone and MyAHS Connect (patient portal) appointment reminder scripts have been enhanced to provide alerts about appointment diversion when ILI symptomatic. (Manual)
Travel & Exposure Screening
  • A number of enhancements have been made to Travel and Exposure screening (now universally available across all clinical areas and contexts) 
  • New Best Practice Advisories using this information to suggest appropriate infection prevention & control measures. (Manual, Tip)
  • A new "COVID-19 NAT" order is now added to relevant preference lists, in addition to always being in the "facility list" within order activities for all modules. (FAQ)
Order Panels
  • Physician builders and the most affected clinician groups have developed Order Panels (meaningful clusters of orders that can be shared) that can help with common needs, such as risk stratification and systemic complication tracking. We will promote the best of these to system-wide panels.
Order Sets
  • COVID admission order sets (one adult, one peds) are released into production (search in orders using "COVID") and available for use and for personalization.
  • COVID ICU admission orders sets (one adult, one peds) also are released into production.
  • All order sets have extensive links to guidance and supporting evidence.
  • COVID order sets will be continually updated as evidence and provincial protocols change.
  • Key steps in the order sets are well annotated to help clinicians know how to make choices for optimal patient care.
Documentation Tools
  • SmartPhrases are being developed to assist with rapid documentation of daily progress of COVID-related signs and symptoms. 
Professional Billing
  • The re-cycled 03.01AD billing code (professional advice during a pandemic) has been added and is ready for billing.