Connect Care Optimization Clinic #12 - Simplifying Ordering

Optimization clinics are facilitated by peers and focused on challenging use cases. A short presentation is followed by questions, discussion and suggestions from participants. User supports are updated in the Physician Manual and Physician Updates.

A tenth Connect Care Optimization Clinic is offered in a single session at noon on March 18, 2020. All are welcome.

Topic: Did you Want Fries with That?  Simplifying Ordering
  • Facilitator: Dr. Darren Hudson
  • Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  • Time: 1200-1300
  • Description:
    • How to think about orders, order sets and phases of care.
    • How to create order panels.
    • How to personalize and share order sets. 
  • Preparation:
    • If you’ve never used Zoom, the Webinar software used for the clinics, we recommend you do a test call prior to the session here: https://zoom.us/test.
    • Short demo videos on how to participate in a call can be found here: https://zoom.us/resources