Adjustments to Waves 2-3 Readiness Activities

A number of adjustments to Waves 2-3 readiness activities are in the works, all the consequence of our decision to focus efforts on COVID needs. Details of the following will be communicated to those affected:
  • Connect Care Oversight
    • Many user groups, advisory groups, committees and area councils will temporarily suspend or reduce meetings. Some oversight groups most involved in new clinical system design activities may temporarily ramp up in order to respond to rapidly evolving needs. This includes the Coordinating Support Unit and task groups dealing with COVID-related decision, documentation and inquiry (reporting) supports.
  • Technical Dress Rehersal
    • As this is light on clinician demands, it will proceed as planned so that infrastructure readiness meets milestones that remain important.
  • 60 and 30 day Launch Readiness Assessments
    • These will be rescheduled
  • Non-medical device roadshows
    • Also postponed until further notice; although some activities will move to online and other means to continue exposure and awareness.
  • Command structures
    • These resources shift to COVID planning and support.