Capacity-Building and Compensation

Connect Care provides resources to support physician engagement, adoption and change-management. These are used to build capacity in prescriber communities. Contracted contributions are resourced, and the costs of building training, development and up-skilling programs are covered.

Connect Care investments have yielded excellent results. Over 70 physician leaders are oriented, trained, supported and mobilized. A growing cadre of clinician-builders already empower clinical system design. Hundreds of physicians are positioned for power-user and super-user roles. And knowledge leads prove invaluable to clinical content build.

Capacity-building efforts recognize the importance of compensation. However, ‘compensation’ is framed in terms of opportunity, career advancement, continuing professional development, gaining mandated e-health literacy, and mastering tools needed for clinical improvement, innovation or inquiry. We welcome feedback and input to an emerging Connect Care prescriber compensation strategy, which will continue to develop: