Connect Care Physician Area Trainers

We have previously posted about Connect Care Provincial Physician Trainers (PPTs) and are thrilled to be screening a number of excellent applicants for these formal physician roles. New PPTs already progress through clinical information system (CIS) and curriculum courses and certifications. A few months from now, recruitment begins for the Area Physician Trainers (APTs) who will focus on the needs of specific clinical areas and specialties under the guidance of PPTs.

Prescriber training is facilitated by prescribers wherever possible. APTs fan out to make this possible across specialties and geographies. They support power users and super users (see informal physician contributions) while also directly helping Connect Care users through the launch and personalization stages of implementation (starting just under a year from now!).

The CMIO office will work with AHS Zones to determine the number of APTs required for successful launch. The APT cohort may include trainers who focus on a few specialties while others focus more on a few waves. Our current APT need estimates range from 25-30 per wave.

Further collaboration and planning with AHS zones will bring precision to the APT plan. Nonetheless, the time is right to think about persons who may be well suited to this role.