eHealth Literacy Resources Posted

‘Electronic health,’ also known as ‘eHealth,’ refers to how patients and providers use information and communication technologies (ICT) – including digital health records, portals and mobile apps – to improve health. While many of our staff and clinicians already use ICT effectively, others may not be as comfortable.

eHealth competence is not the same as clinical information system (CIS) competence. Connect Care-specific training – about how to navigate CIS interfaces and get work done – begins a few months before each Wave launch. Now is the time to build general eHealth competence and get ready to care and collaborate in a digitally-enabled workspace. For anyone interested in getting an early start, a new set of resources that can help.

The eHealth Competence program offers tools and resources to help Connect Care stakeholders learn about everything from computer basics to topics like privacy-protection, clinical documentation and information management. Self-assessment tools help choose the best learning pathway for different areas and eHealth comfort levels.

The current resources are optimized for nursing and allied health. Physician and prescriber-optimized resources will be released in the new year, coupled with a scheme for gaining professional development credits.

More information about the eHealth Competence program, self-appraisal tools and aides for managers are now available on Insite. New learning modules become available in early 2019.