How does Connect Care align with AHS strategic analytic priorities?

The Strategy for Research, Innovation and Analytics (RIA) lays out Alberta Health Services (AHS) roadmap for becoming an organization skilled at helping its people create, acquire and transfer knowledge to raise the standard of healthcare delivered to all Albertans. Connect Care is a key enabler. The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) promotes curiosity, inquiry and research with in-system tools for data exploration, practice surveillance and hypothesis testing.

Connect Care aligns directly with the AHS RIA Roadmap by:
  • Making real time data available to care providers and managers
  • Providing front end access to analytics tools
  • Building analytics literacy and frontline interpretive capacity
  • Stimulating curiosity and question formulation
  • Providing effective ways to capture, translate and apply knowledge at the point of care
  • Allowing innovation in care to be introduced with changes in behavior and outcomes measured in real time
AHS builds improvement capacity in the workforce by allowing it to use its own data and identify opportunities to improve; where improvement is about the experience of healthcare as much as patient, organizational and system outcomes.