Netcare User Interface Changes Coming

An Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) update is planned for November 29, 2018. Unlike other updates, this includes user interface changes. Electronic Health Record content and function remains unchanged.

A few quick reads can help clinicians anticipate the changes:
For users accessing ANP within the Alberta Health Services (AHS) intranet (portal.albertanetcare.ca), the FireFox browser works best on both Windows and Apple devices. This update is Internet Explorer 11 compatible (common on AHS Windows devices). Other Internet browsers (Chrome, Safari) are not supported.

For users seeking ANP from outside AHS (access.albertanetcare.ca), access continues via a Citrix Receiver session which can be launched from any Internet browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended).

Those who make frequent use of flowsheets, critical results filters or the quick-search function will want to re-discover how these are accessed, as they are no longer part of the page-top header and require additional click(s) to locate as part of new 'Documents' tab displays.