Welcome new Trainees!

Connect Care continues its implementation, wave by wave, until the clinical information system (CIS) is province-wide 2 years from now. But not all newcomers on-board at wave launches. There is a steady stream of newly appointed physicians, elective trainees and rotating trainees, with July 1 bringing a wave of new residents to Connect Care.

This year, we are pleased to welcome incoming residents to a stabilized CIS rich with order sets and other clinical content ready to personalize.

Getting to know a new CIS can be challenging. Lean on experienced peers, picking up on content they share to speed the path to proficiency.

Connect Care provides other ways to share. Most important are the update (blogging) channels at blogs.connect-care.ca and the physician manual manual.connect-care.ca. All are mobile-friendly.

Some parts of the Blogs and Manual are useful for tapping into Connect Care street-smarts:
  • Tippies - a stream within the Tips channel, these list simple time-saving tricks.
  • Countdown Checklist - now cued to the Oct 24 launch, this thread has a lot of practical guidance
  • FAQs - user questions and answers for common newcomer issues.
  • Support - solutions and work-arounds for common problems.
  • Manual - Connect Care Physician Manual (focus on the Personalization section)
  • Resources - full listing of Connect Care resources for physicians.

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