Connect Care Reporting Content Certification

With the Wave 1 launch behind us, we are working to ensure the Connect Care in-system dashboards, metrics and reports are working as expected.

We know that many measures (e.g., lab utilization, minimum use norms compliance, etc.) will take months to stabilize. The clinical information system will not have solid metric denominators until at least the six month mark. In addition, we need to confirm that what is measured adequately represents what is supposed to be measured. This will be an iterative process. We are not hiding reports, but we need to be transparent about which measures have been tweaked sufficiently to be trustworthy. To accomplish this, we are using a certification process with easy-to-recognize visual data quality markers.

Why are we verifying reporting measures now, after the Wave 1 launch?
Prior to the Wave 1 launch, all reporting content was carefully validated. But this had to use test data, as there were no real patients in the system. Now we verify the validated measures using the data that Connect Care has captured and stored. The verification process is called certification.

How will I know if a measure or report has been certified?
Once a given dashboard or report is certified, a ribbon icon will appear on the screen in Connect Care. A blue ribbon appears on certified Dashboards, a purple ribbon appears on certified Reporting Workbench reports and an orange ribbon indicates certified Crystal reports.

What if the content I need has not been certified yet?
All reporting content should be used with caution, as there may be variation and inaccuracies until certification is complete. Even then, one must always apply clinical common sense; alert to possible anomalies in how source information is entered, for what purpose, and with what consistency.

Will prescriber-identifiable information be visible?
No. AHS is committed to not expose identifiable data about prescribers (physicians and others). Should you encounter any examples of physician-identifiable information, please report it to the Clinical Inquiry Support Unit at cisu@ahs.ca.

Which measures are priority for early certification?
Our first focus is on measures that support real-time clinical and operational decision-making about health service delivery. Five areas receive early attention: Emergency Departments, Operating Rooms, Capacity Management, Patient Safety and Launch Dashboards.

Where can I get more information?
If you are a Wave 1 user with questions about content certification, contact us at ConnectCare.WMCImplementationTeam@ahs.ca.