Connect Care Wave Sequencing Update

Following extensive consultation, it proves necessary to shift the timing for Waves 4 and 5 of the ongoing province-wide roll out of Connect Care. Patient care and safety, as always, were the prime considerations.  Other factors include:
  • New Grande Prairie Regional Hospital (GPRH): Connect Care must be deployed at the existing Queen Elizabeth II hospital, so that staff and physicians are fully trained and stabilized begin to serve patients in the new facility designed for digital records. With a commissioning date now set, it is necessary to move up launch for affected sites and services in North Zone.
  • Reducing the length of high risk transitional states: large hospitals in the Edmonton Zone are in an interim state between Connect Care rollouts, with particular challenges because needed support systems are retiring and results are hard to route appropriately. 
As a result of this sequencing adjustments:
  • Some sites and services in the North Zone (which currently use the Meditech clinical information system) move from Wave 5 to Wave 4. This includes the Queen Elizabeth II hospital. 
  • Some sites and services in the Central Zone (which currently use the Meditech clinical information system) will, by necessity, move from Wave 4 to Wave 5. 
This decision was not taken lightly and is considered the best approach based on new developments.  And further adjustments may be needed. Many changes can influence dependencies within zones and waves. We will continue to be nimble and flexible as we move forward, adapting to needs of patients, staff and physicians.

The usual Connect Care sequencing resources are kept current: