Wave 1 Training - Important to Sign Up for Scheduling!

Good training, supplemented with effective personalization, is a best predictor of physician satisfaction with clinical information system (CIS) use. We can't avoid CIS adoption -- it is now an essential clinical skill -- but we can avoid lacklustre training.

Connect Care physicians are offered personalized, workflow-sensitive, training tracks delivered by those who understand their needs: other physicians. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to help physicians acquire essential competencies while getting valuable continuing education credits.

A wide range of times and locations are offered, in addition to flexible self-directed e-learning modules. Inevitably, the necessary in-person training sessions have limits and so it is essential that all Wave-1 physicians submit their scheduling preference surveys as soon as possible! The survey link appears in emails, and email reminders, sent via medical affairs.

We are pleased that over 80% of eligible physicians have submitted preferences and most are receiving assigned dates and times. Nonetheless, the longer one procrastinates, the fewer training slots available to pick from. And, in the end, the training cannot be avoided.

Physicians who believe they should receive, but have not received, a training preferences survey should contact wave1-connectcare.physiciantraining@ahs.ca.

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