Wave 1 Physician Training - Registration Progress

We've previously posted about getting Wave 1 physicians ready for and scheduled into Connect Care training.

A big thank you to all who have heeded the call and submitted preferences for personalized training! We are grateful to have over 1,300 physicians (73% of Wave 1 cohort) already getting lined up for basic training.

Follow-up communications are going out to those who have not yet registered preferences. It is very important that all physicians respond and get matched to acceptable tracks and timelines. Delays reduce options!

The Area Trainers guiding physicians through training are themselves trained, with about 60% completing key preparations this week. Super Users are also key to effective facilitation. About 40% will have finished their own training this week.

Our unique Connect Care training program continues to unfold. We are excited to see, as much as possible, the prospect of clinicians training clinicians coming to fruition. It remains for users to seize the opportunities offered. Taking training seriously is one of the best predictors of satisfaction with a new clinical information system.

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