How much past health data will make it into Connect Care?

Data conversion is about how historical health information is selected and managed for transfer from legacy information systems to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). We've previously explained the principles and processes that determine which, and how much, health information will be available in Connect Care at launch.

Wave 1 launch rapidly approaches and we can answer data conversion questions with more certainty.

In most cases, laboratory and diagnostic imaging results will be complete back to June 1, 2017; bringing over two years of important clinical information into Connect Care. In addition, most vaccination records, genetic data and legacy clinical information system (e.g., eCLINICIAN) data will transfer. Paper records will not be transcribed or copied. However, they may inform chart abstraction (outpatient) or cutover data entry (inpatient) near launch.

Clinicians can be reassured that key health information remains available in the Alberta Netcare Portal; an important safety net during transitions to Connect Care.

In addition to previously shared conversion summaries, take a quick look at the Key Messages for a quick summary of our latest expectations.

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