Privacy Awareness - an Essential Clinical Skill

Privacy awareness is essential to good clinicianship. It does not come naturally and so we all need training. Our digital world presents ever-changing threats to information security, making it hard to know when we may unintentionally weaken the vigilance our patients expect. Breaches harm patients, and can be devastating for clinicians.

On the eve of Connect Care implementation, Alberta Health Services has overhauled its universal privacy awareness training. A new online elearning module, called "InfoCare - On Our Best Behaviors" is now available on MyLearningLink.ahs.ca (MLL). This privacy awareness training is required of all physicians prior to gaining access to Connect Care. The module is engaging, case-based, and easy to complete. It highlights a series of behaviors that physicians can promote for patient care, professionalism and Connect Care readiness.

InfoCare is delivered through MLL, which is most commonly used on AHS computers in AHS facilities. As physicians are more likely to complete the course on personal devices outside AHS facilities, we have prepared a summary of tips that can help those using personal devices. To complete privacy awareness training:
  • Go to MyLearningLink.ahs.ca (we recommend the Chrome Internet browser for those who do not have access to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 or 10).
  • Sign on with your usual AHS credentials (same as those for email)
  • Search the Course Catalogue for courses containing the word "InfoCare"
  • Register for and complete the course online
  • Verify that your confidentiality and user agreement is accepted and the course is marked as complete.
  • Tips: Using MyLearningLink

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