Connect Care Direction-Setting: Physician Participation

The Connect Care initiative (connect-care.ca) seeks to improve health outcomes with the help of a provincial Clinical Information System (CIS) adapted to Alberta’s needs and opportunities. In the design phase, clinical experts from across the province gather for highly influential working sessions. Building on information already gathered from Alberta Health Services stakeholders, best-guess workflow supports will be demonstrated for discussion about what might best fit clinician needs. Decisions are recorded and used to iteratively configure a foundation system as the starting point for Connect Care.
Although many physicians are already lined up for participation in Direction-Setting, some important specialty and expertise gaps remain. Please consider making an invaluable contribution!
Information about the sessions, time commitments and logistics can be found in the physician handbook (handbook.ahs-cis.ca/?=direction-setting). Please contact cmio@ahs.ca with questions, interest, or simply to add your name to the Connect Care registry of potential physician expert contributors. Thanks!

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