Connect Care Physician Information Resources

As Connect Care ramps up and speeds up, communications increase exponentially. It can be difficult for stakeholders to track what affects them the most. The AHS CMIO will continue to advocate for clinician interests and will work with physician and other practitioner groups to customize and optimize communication strategies.
For now, general Connect Care information is readily available via an open public website (see links). Focused project information is available to Connect Care participants via an internal AHS website and comprehensive Connect Care activity supports are managed via an internal SharePoint site (see links).

Physician users of Connect Care services can also access a Connect Care Physician Handbook. This handbook provides guides and tips, largely prepared by clinicians for clinicians. The Handbook is intended as a form of peer-to-peer mentoring and support. It can be accessed directly with its web link or as part of the Clinical Improvement Collaboratory.
If you believe you should be able to access one of these sites, but are unable to do so, please contact cmio@ahs.ca.

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