Connect Care Physician Contributions

For Connect Care (CC) to support clinical improvement, it is vitally important that busy clinicians meaningfully integrate new informational supports into their workflows. This integration happens best when clinicians are organized, empowered and held accountable; these characteristics are all contingent on engagement and participation.

While formal roles strengthen CC’s clinical stewardship, larger numbers of engaged and organized physicians are needed to empower user groups, to provide quality assurance, to generate clinical innovation, to support clinical research, and to provide health education. These physicians empower all who help Albertans get value from the use of a Clinical Information System. Such “embedded” CC advocates make diverse contributions not defined by agreements between the physician and AHS.

While informal physician contributions are essential to CC success, they are also determinants of physician success. By participating in CC efforts, physicians can gain skills and access tools for innovation, teaching, quality improvement, research and professional development. The CMIO office is committed to helping clinicians realize benefits, track contributions, and achieve personal measures of success.​

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