Clinical Telehealth becomes Virtual Health Services

​The Alberta Health Service (AHS) Clinical Telehealth program is newly reorganized as "Virtual Health Services" (VHS) under the dyad leadership of Dr. Jonathan Choy (medical) and Catherine Keenan (operational), with oversight through the Chief Medical Office portfolio.
VHS is responsible for the introduction, adoption, promotion and monitoring of processes and technology enabling high quality and effective patient care anywhere. Services include traditional video conferencing, as well as electronic consultations, store and forward, secure messaging and remote patient monitoring. The vision for VHS is closely coupled with that for Connect Care and will leverage the many tools and processes afforded by a fully integrated digital health record.
A new, Connect Care aware, VHS strategy is in the works. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to assist with direction setting. Contact Jonathan (jonathan.choy@ahs.ca) or Catherine (catherine.keenan@ahs.ca) for more information.

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