Connect Care Clinical Content - Getting There!

​We took on a huge challenge with our commitment to express Alberta evidence-based peer-reviewed clinical guidance through the systematic clinical system design (CSD) of decision, documentation and inquiry supports in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS).

At times, the work has seemed impossible. But we are getting there, and should be proud to face first launch with a solid base of clinical content that can grow and optimize as we continue our Connect Care journey. Congratulations!

Specialty CSD focuses on non-orderset clinical content, customizing for > 70 clinical areas and specialty workgroups. As of Sept 27, 2019, we completed design, build AND validation of >97% of the intended content, working through over 2,400 specific design decisions. With 100% of the build in hand, remaining validations will be completed within the next few days.

One of the prices paid for careful customization is that our experience of the CIS in training is not identical to experiences with personalization or implementation. It is important to remember that training is about functions and ways of using information tools to support clinical workflows. The methods mastered can be applied to new and improved decision, documentation and inquiry supports that will continually emerge as we continually improve.

Big thanks to the many Area Council Support Units, the CSD Coordinating Support Unit and CSD SWAT team members who have provided our clinical and business stakeholders with the methodological expertise, and tireless work, needed to support the work.