Reinforcing Connect Care Training through Practice

There are already more physicians through basic Connect Care training than ever were trained  for eCLINICIAN use! And the pace of training continues to accelerate. Yet launch is still 2 months from now. That is a long time for busy clinicians to retain new information.

Personalization training will provide opportunity for reinforcement between 2 and 4 weeks pre-launch. It is vitally important, not only for learning new things like mobile Connect Care access, but also for tweaking the system to better suit personal preferences. Still, prescribers need ongoing system access for practice and consolidation of basic training.

We are gratified that so many physicians are asking for ongoing access to some form of Connect Care, anywhere they may have opportunity for practice and exploration. Everyone should have access to a "play" (PLY) environment where one can practice interacting with the clinical information system. Of course there is no real patient data . And one must be change-tolerant as clinical content continues to grow.

Simple internet shortcuts are provided to ease access. We can change the links behind these shortcuts as the full Connect Care production environments emerge. To access Connect Care, note whether your computer is on the Intranet (AHSRestrict network) or Extranet (all other networks).