Physician Training - Helping Out

Helping almost 2000 prescribers through Connect Care basic training proves quite the challenge!

Overall, we are pleased to hear how well most physicians are progressing. Of course there are stumbles and we are grateful for your patience when this happens. It is reassuring to see physicians step forward and solve problems in the moment. This, above all, shows that we take ownership of Connect Care; owning whether transformation helps more than it hurts.

The early training sessions have been troubled by some glitches getting credit for competency assessments --> a new attestation pathway takes care of this. There have been delays responding to email queries --> the training team has taken over the account and is well through a backlog of emails.

Theme? We are learning and improving as we go. Things get better with every day of training. Thanks for helping to tackle challenges. In the end, it is a privilege to have physicians training physicians, and well worth the logistics nightmare.

Please do not let frustration fester. Give the training support email another chance and let us know what you need. We'll keep blogging here as fixes emerge of general interest. Thanks!