We have a New Channel and a New Look!

More and more physicians are completing basic Connect Care training, proceeding to personalization, and spending more time working with the clinical information system (CIS). This, more than any prior communication campaigns, has stimulated hunger for Connect Care news... together with practical advice.

A new Connect Care blogging channel opened this week. The Connect Care Support Forum (support.connect-care.ca) hopes to help physicians share problem-solving, tips and tricks. These may be discovered during training, personalization and CIS adoption. The forum can also help growing user communities before the full Connect Care solution centre deploys.

There is no need to try to remember yet another Internet link! This week also sees a number of improvements to our 5 blogging channels (Bytes, Bridges, Vlogs, Informatics and Support). You can jump from one to any of the others by using a button bar just below the blog title (see above).  And the blog formatting and "See Also" links (right column) are more consistent. 

We hope these improvements help physicians who like receiving information via blogs and linked social media. The tip sheet is updated, with quick reminders about how to subscribe: