Connect Care Wave 1 Drop-in Playground

Physicians anticipating Connect Care's wave 1 launch (November 3, 2019) are already completing basic training and getting ready for personalization workshops. There may be questions that sink in well after the in-person support available in training classes.

A "PLY" online environment (via ahs-cis.ca/cis) provides a working instance of the clinical information system (CIS) where learnings can be practiced. In addition, an in-person drop-in playground is available to all physicians who have completed basic training:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 07:00-19:00
  • Walter C Mackenzie (University of Alberta Hospital) 4th floor Atrium.
The drop-in playground promotes:
  • Seeing and trying typical computer devices to be used in Connect Care settings
  • Getting tips about using computer devices effectively during patient encounters
  • Practicing (with help) CIS workflows
  • Asking questions about CIS modules