Wondering what to do about a Netcare expiring access notice?

Have you received an email from "Identity Management Services" with the subject "Action Required - Your Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) Access is nearing its Expiry Date"?

No worry. Odds are there is no action needed.

It is important that access to the Alberta Netcare Portal be limited to authorized providers. New processes were introduced May 2019 by Alberta Health Services (AHS) Identity Management Services (IAM), moving to yearly validation of Netcare user accounts.

Happily, the process should be invisible to most physicians. IAM checks with Zone Medical Affairs to confirm that a physician remains in good standing. Medical Affairs is notified with 60 days to spare and is reminded if confirmation is not received by 45 days. If no response is received thereafter, further reminders go out at 30, 15 and 2 days; all copied to the affected physician.

Unfortunately, a glitch has resulted in expiration notices being copied to physicians at 60 and 45 days. This will be corrected as of October 1st, 2019.

Many physicians have received emails asking them to take action by contacting a named authorized approver, someone they don't recognize or know how to contact. Please ignore such emails unless the expire date is within a month of the notification date. In that case, contact zone medical affairs to ask what has happened with the annual Netcare renewal process.