Wave 1 Patient Movement Day - Physician Practice Centre

Patient Movement Day (PMD) is an important Connect Care readiness event, giving opportunity to see how patient transfers, transitions, investigations and other inpatient movements are supported, actioned and documented in the clinical information system (CIS).

Physicians commonly initiate patient movements... and feel the pain of inefficient transitions! Accordingly, it is very important for inpatient physicians to try to attend one or more of the morning PMD demonstrations. In addition (or instead if time is limited), attendance any time in the afternoon Physician Practice Centre will allow direct interaction with demonstrations and practice scenarios.

What does the Physician Practice Centre have to offer?

  • Demonstrations - step-by-step walk-through of CIS actions facilitating transfers
  • Practice - opportunity for hands-on trial of transfer and transition orders, navigators and activities
  • Learning - ask questions and discuss how to enter transfer orders, know if things like medrec are required and when to use a Leave of Absence order, and how to manage phases of care for surgical episodes.
What PMD demonstrations are most relevant to physicians?
  • Transfer orders
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Leave of absence orders
  • Discharge summary navigator
  • Transfer navigator
  • Phases of Care